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LegalEra - International Arbitration Law Summit 2013

  " Theme: The Big Debate – Litigation v/s Arbitration "

India is recording a tremendous growth annually. In the past former law minister M Veerappa Moily had proposed a comprehensive National Litigation Policy to reduce government litigation and encourage substitutes. If the policy sees the light of the day the frequent use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism like arbitration, mediation and conciliation will be sought after in a big way.

The conventional wisdom among many business owners is that arbitration is more efficient than litigation, and that mandatory arbitration clauses should be included wherever possible. But like most generalizations, however, the truth is not so simple.

And that’s the big question, is arbitration going to be the future of dispensing justice in India? Is it preferred over litigation? If yes, what are the reasons? Can they be looked into and revised? How does it affect the litigant? Does it have an effect on the organization and individual?

To answer all these questions and To look at the argument in a holistic way our conference will take one step ahead to give you the opportunity to listen and interact with top attorneys and arbitrators to better understand all the aspects of litigation and arbitration and help decide which one is better under what circumstances and why.


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